Our founding mothers built AFAR on the fundamental belief that through civic engagement, meaningful change in our society can and will happen.

We want to empower people with citizenship skills in order to advocate for the specific issues important to their family. We facilitate the realization of more progressive policies at all levels of government.

We assert that “family values” are not owned by just one political party. We support and generate events that role-model progressive family values including tolerance, social justice, compassion, equality, peace and civil rights.  We work to build a community of people raising children to be open-minded, compassionate citizens who think globally and act locally.

We are busy parents who, in the midst of all our responsibilities, believe in finding ways to raise our collective voice. We believe it is important to cultivate opportunities to raise a diversity of voices from all across Raleigh.

We work to elect progressive candidates and encourage citizens to access their elected officials.