Welcome Susan!

My name is Susan Locke and I am a rising senior at The University of South Carolina.  I am majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and am the president of the Feminist Collective at USC. After graduation, I plan to work into non-profit because I think there are a lot of things happening in our country right now that need to be fixed or improved in order to better the lives of women and other minorities. Some of my specific interest areas are advocating for better sex education in schools and advocating for reproductive rights for all.

For the past two years, I have been able to attend the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. with the Feminist Collective at USC. It’s a weekend long event connecting young feminists from all over the world, which helps us grow our knowledge and better our skills to become stronger feminist activists. Through this conference, I have gotten to meet many inspirational feminists like Ellie Smeal, the President of NOW, and Tamika Mallory, a Co-President of the Women’s March on Washington. Events like NYFLC are part of what has inspired me to dedicate my life and career to feminist activism. I am looking forward to a summer spent interning for AFAR and working on a Raleigh City Council campaign!