Kids Zone

Photo credit: Elizabeth Galecke

One of AFAR's biggest goals is to engage more people in the political process, particularly by making event family-friendly. So we were thrilled to sign on to help at Nicole Stewart's City Council At-Large kick-off event! As a working mom with extensive community commitments, Nicole understands how hard it can be to balance family time with weeknight evening events. There are only so many hours in the day, right? So providing a space for kids to hang out, allows the adults to hang out and it's a win-win!

A huge thanks to Trophy Brewing for cleaning and corralling a space for us - and then letting us draw all over it in chalk!

Sarah Phoenix from Cirque de Vol provided the fun with a huge pile of hula hoops!

Thanks to all the parents who jumped in to help keep the "zone" contained. We enjoyed meeting so many new people, and catching up with familiar faces.

We plan to continue working with campaigns to help expand their reach to include families!