Bee Books!

Guest Blogger - Michelle Wang

As a kid, I loved science. I took science electives in high school (for fun!) and wanted to be a marine scientist when I grew up. One of my favorite high school memories was dissecting a shark in 10th grade.

My 4 year old son also has a love of science. He loves to create experiments. He loves robots. He especially loves insects. Reading together about insects has been a fun experience for us to share. Leading up to the March for Science, and the AFAR group costume of “Pollinators”, we have been reading Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup. The book has beautiful illustrations and a fun day in the life story featuring a little bee. It also explains to the pre-school set the important job of a bee, which is to pollenate.

Children see the world as a series of experiments and exploration. They ask ‘Why?’ hundreds of times a day because they are trying to understand the world in which they live. It is our job as parents to help guide them. Reading books together is an excellent way to spark the conversation and answer some of those why questions.

If your child is a little insect lover like mine, below are some of our family’s favorite reads: