Volunteer Roles

As we look forward into 2019, we are hoping to engage more of YOU in our activities. We are looking for folks to help us expand our capacity to support women running for office, representation at demonstrations and protests, and ability to respond quickly to the changing political landscape. Sometimes it’s as simple as helping us staff a table at an event. Other times it’s making phone calls for a great candidate we believe in. We can help expand participation at political fundraisers with more volunteers to monitor “kids zones”. We always appreciate attendance at our events and feedback on how to increase engagement. Anytime you can lend a hand we’d love to have you - and your kids/family!!

Below are some roles we are looking to fill in 2019, and moving forward:

Our board members are affectionately referred to as the “Founding Mothers”. We are looking for a few more women who want to join us in running the show!  This role would involve support for our specialty committees (i.e. “Event Planning”, “Fundraising”, “Communications”), meeting bi-annually for retreats, participation in events and regular attention to our Slack channel.  The time commitment varies between all of the Founding Mothers, but the commitment to progressive family values is our glue.

Our highly engaged and active Social Media platform continues to grow and gain momentum with content about local politics, demonstrations, elections, advocacy opportunities, events, and reactions to current affairs through the lens of progressive parenting and activism.  We’d love to have you sign up for a 2 week slot to help us promote our content across all platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Occasionally we have special projects that need some graphic design support, so those skills are also welcomed.

Blogger:  We maintain an original content blog to disseminate information and provide space for personal reflections about local political happenings. It’s a tool of community building and sharing diversity of voices. If you like to write and spark conversation, we’d love to write for the blog! Appropriate topics include relevant opinion pieces, reflections on experiences, current events (AFAR, GASP, others!), and spotlight pieces on relevant people in the community.  Blog posts can be made as frequently as desired.

Did you know we organize between 25-35 events throughout the year? That means we’re always looking for Event Support! Some events are inclusive for the whole family, while others offer more of an opportunity for adult connection. If you have an idea or special project you need support pulling together, then let’s chat. If you like to host parties then consider hosting a political fundraiser. If you only have time show up and lend a hand, that’s always needed. A big need is support at Kid’s Zones at fundraisers, usually weeknights ~5-7pm. There’s also protests and demonstrations where we march together and invite other families to join in our community. And if you need to bring your kids, that’s usually perfectly fine :)

Contact katiemac@afaraleigh.org or ryan@afaraleigh.org to chat further.

We invite your voice and welcome your participation.