Local Spotlight!

We are launching a new project to highlight community organizers in Raleigh! They are the force behind our elected officials, helping all of us get connected to local leadership. We want to lift up everyday people who are doing the hard work of building a better Raleigh. While their names may not splash the headlines, they are making the wheels turn.   There is no one who better embodies this mission than Mr Ed Jones. A tireless community advocate and connector, he has earned a reputation for being friends with literally everyone. You probably recognize him as the very well-dressed man with the camera! He attends ALL the events and shares the pictures to help inform those who could not be there. We want to say thank you for your community spirit of service!

Ed Jones

I was born in Wayne County.  I have been married for 20 years and have 4 children.  I am a retired CAT bus driver and Bail Bondsman/Bounty Hunter.

1. Who was the first political figure that inspired you?

John F. Kennedy

2. What is your favorite thing about Raleigh?

It is the Capitol City.

3. What lesson or saying did you learn from a parent/grandparent that you still live by today?

My grandmother always said “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

4. Why is civic engagement important to you?

My heart’s desire is to bring unity in the community.  I also want to give back to the community.

5. If you had three wishes, what would they be?

My first wish would be for people to get along.  

Wish two would be for everyone to engage in the democratic process.  

My last wish would be for my grandmother to still be here.

6. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My seventh-grade teacher, Ms. Leary.  I had a crush on her.

7. What is your hope for the next generation?

For them to wake up and stop killing each other