Civic Kids' Story Hour---Last Stop On Market Street

Nicole Stewart, Raleigh City Council Candidate At-Large, read Last Stop on Market Street at Read With Me Book Shop on Saturday. Michelle Wang, mom and active AFAR member, gives her take on this wonderful book.

Public transportation in a busy city is what connects residents with places to work, shop, and live. It provides a dependable service that gives residents opportunities to move through a city without the need for personal transportation. For the Raleigh bus schedule, click here.

The book, Last Stop on Market Street, is one of our favorites. It follows CJ and his grandmother as they ride the city bus. On a bus that breaths fire they meet several interesting fellow residents. They meet an old woman with a jar of butterflies, a guitar playing musician, and a blind man with spotted dog just to name a few. An additional benefit of public transportation is a chance to meet fellow residents and share a ride.

One of the strongest lessons of the book, given by CJ’s grandmother, is that of always looking at the beauty in every situation. From trees drinking rain through straws to rainbows over soup kitchens, there is beauty in where you may not think to look.

Last Stop on Market Street, words by Matt De La Peña and pictures by Christian Robinson