Some recent good news: Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from the Trump transition team.  RESISTANCE IS WORKING!

Check out the completely epic official spreadsheet over at www.grabyourwallet.org

For list by category (with brand label pictures) check out this "Mega List"

While it may not be financially possible for everyone to engage in consumer activism, those who can afford to do so, should. Money is a language that powerful people speak. Until we have the voice of the ballot again, we have to use what we have: the power of the purse. This Presidency is splitting corporate America down the middle; so let's be sure the CEOs know the will of the people. If you do choose to boycott please directly contact the company directly to inform them of your reasoning and resistance.

We saw at the Super Bowl that some big players in corporate America are choosing politically and socially conscious messages. It's encouraging that diversity, gender equality, immigration and religious tolerance took center stage on one of America's biggest TV nights.

One final thought.... just as we encourage each other to "shop local" let's also remember that "all politics is local".  Action starts with you, in your home community.