First we marched, now we huddle. Our completion of the second action from the Women's March brought together people and families from all across Raleigh. We were really excited to meet so many new people who share a collective passion for progressive politics. Special thanks to Brian Fitzsimmons, outgoing Wake County Democratic Party chair, for his insight into NCGA electoral strategy. We can guarantee you'll be hearing more from him! Also thanks to Mayor Nancy McFarlane for offering her own personal journey "from mom to mayor". It's encouraging to hear that her path to leadership was gradual, grassroots, and rooted in her advocacy work on behalf of her family. AFAR will continue to facilitate opportunities for dialogue with the mayor, and other elected officials. We are grateful to this growing community and welcome anyone to join us at anytime. Forward together!

We're gathering all the input and interest to start plugging in folks! AFAR is a collective, and we will need to work together to impact our local elections. We will also hold each other accountable and support one another as we keep resisting, keep marching, keep raising our voices in patriotic dissent. Here's our notes on the roles to be filled:

  • Marchers - Building for the March for Science (4/22) & various upcoming marches
  • Demonstrators - Moral Monday teams/pairs to bring something visible for kid entertainment (ex: balloons) and central meeting spot
  • Connectors - Identify people (focus on women and minorities) interested in running for office to connect them with mentors, training and encouragement
  • Adopters: "Adopt-a-politician" to track their citizen engagement, campaigns, votes
  • Monitors - Town Hall Monitors to help identify and promote participation in town halls
  • Instigators - How can AFAR help YOU realize your own ideas?
  • Educators - Gerrymandering, Civic Engagement training, Battle cards for specific issues
  • Electors - Let's get to work starting with City Council races on October 10, 2017
  • Investors - Fundraisers to help ensure viability for a wider diversity of candidates
  • Kids Zone - Makers, Musicians - Creative expression to engage children in the process of government and learning to voice ones opinion.
  • Readers - Book club. Social justice story time and promoting diversity, history and culture through age appropriate literature
  • Friends & Family - It takes a village!