It was a honor to be asked by GASP, Girls Actively Supporting Progress, to speak about AFARaleigh at their 2017 kick-off event!  Rock stars in the political activism community, GASP has been organizing women to volunteer to support state and national campaigns for almost 10 years. They regularly have close to 200 people at their meetings, over 1600 social media followers, and draw big name candidates to speak at their events including Deborah Ross and Jeff Jackson.  

The first GASP meeting of the year was held at Humble Pie with lots of white wine flowing and a palpable sense of purpose and community.  The leaders opened up the meeting with the exciting news to continue their political activism in 2017-2018. Usually these ladies focus on presidential election years, but agreed the current political climate demanded they stay focused and active. Like member Anne Bullard said, "Who can afford to take the next four years of off?". A highlight of the night included the GASPel Choir, belting out our state song, The Old North State. Additionally, David Meeker from Common Cause spoke about his political passion, gerrymandering. He explained the havoc it has caused in our beloved state and current actions to reverse this destructive practice. Along with AFAR, one of our favorite new organizations, Plain Janes, spoke about their mission of getting progressive women elected to the NC Legislature. The audience offered up information about other progressive groups in the area. It was so encouraging to hear so many people are stepping up and out to bring progressive values back to our state!

AFARaleigh is looking forward to partnering with GASP for future events and learning from women who have been fighting this fight for almost a decade. The women of GASP are smart, dedicated, and make political activism a lot of fun. We encourage you to get more information about GASP by searching for the closed Facebook group (GASP NC) and send a membership request. FORWARD TOGETHER, NOT ONE STEP BACK!