Dear Founding Mothers,

Thank you for the wonderful Friendsgiving event! I don't know how that even could have been a fundraiser, as the value far exceeded my cost. Thanks to all the businesses that donated products (Trophy Brewing, Whole Foods, Porchetta, Compost Now, Raleigh Architecture Company).

I got choked up when Katie referenced that the year anniversary of AFAR also means it's a year since November 2016. It gets me again as I type that, thinking about the disappointment, sorrow, and fears triggered and ongoing since the election.

I am grateful for the work that you all do, and grateful that you offer a space to other people who struggle for how to enact change while balancing all the demands of family. For me, you take the excuse "but, my kid...." off the table, and that is a tremendous gift. I don't have to choose between showing up politically and showing up for my family and instead you continue to demonstrate how that can be (and must be) the same thing.

Thank you for your energy, your time, your passion, and your action. I often feel helpless in the face of everything this administration has wrought, and then I'll see a post from AFAR or an invite or a blog post and I'm reminded that there are good people fighting for change, and openly inviting my family along with them.

With thanks,

Kirsten Moe