Mother, Pharmacist, Mayor

Growing up with a working mom who started her own business, I knew that I could be and do anything I wanted. From visiting my mom in the hospital pharmacy to watching her start a successful healthcare company, she set a strong example about what we could achieve. That's why I also work hard to show my own daughter and other young women in Raleigh they can be anything they dream.

I'm so proud that my mom has been endorsed by 314 Action for being the only mayor of the 50 largest US cities with a STEM background. Recent threats to scientific funding have reminded us of the importance of electing leaders committed to evidence-based solutions to real problems. Data
-driven and fact-based approaches, combined with social conscious, helps craft good public policy. That's why it's perfect that she serves the city of Raleigh, a cornerstone of innovation in the region.

My parents moved to Raleigh in 1984. My mom started working as a pharmacist at Raleigh Community Hospital (now Duke Raleigh), where she spent 15 years. I remember being tickled to visit her in the pharmacy; watching her work in her lab coat was fascinating and inspiring. Years later I followed her lead, studying nursing at Wake Tech, and I have loved every minute of my six years working at Rex Hospital.

As a female CEO in the high stakes healthcare industry, my mom balanced ambition with compassion. Her company, MedPro, always cared deeply about every person, every patient and every interaction. I am proud to have learned how a business should be run from my parents. They even started a scholarship committee, which has given away more than $400,000 for those with bleeding disorders to fund college or trade school.

The transition from healthcare to government may not seem like an obvious step, but my mom has successfully applied critical thinking skills to community and social problems. The same woman who kindly answered questions to frantic mothers in the drug store, now listens to concerned citizens with an open heart and mind. It's about helping people find accessible solutions. As a mother, pharmacist, CEO and mayor her leadership has helped many people.

That's why I'm urging you to vote for my mom, Mayor Nancy McFarlane, on November 7. This race is tight, so we appreciate any volunteer time or contribution within your reach. Let's make sure Nancy continues to lead Raleigh, showing the next generation of scientists and girls that any dream is possible!

Thank you for your continued support,

Katie Mac Thompson, RN

In the MedPro, Rx pharmacy in 2007.

In the MedPro, Rx pharmacy in 2007.